170 Indiana Administrative Code (IAC) Article 4 Electric Utilities

170 IAC 4 Electric Utilities

This is extremely important information. I suggest that you download this entire document and/or bookmark this page for future reference.

Article 4 on Electric Utilities contains the following rules:

Rule 1. Standards of Service

Rule 1.5. Service to New Buildings

Rule 2. Classification of Accounts

Rule 3. Electric Supply and Signal Lines; Principles of Safety; Co-ordination with Other Utilities

Rule 4.1. Cogeneration and Alternate Energy Production Facilities

>>>This is the rule to defines and establishes the formula for the calculation of "avoided cost" rates.

Rule 4.2. Net Metering

Rule 4.3. Customer-Generator Interconnection Standards

  • 170 IAC 4-4.3-6 Level 1 interconnection review
  • 170 IAC 4-4.3-7 Level 2 interconnection review
  • 170 IAC 4-4.3-8 Level 3 interconnection review
  • 170 IAC 4-4.3-12 Customer complaints

Rule 5. Electric Submeters of Master Meter Accounts

Rule 6. Ratemaking Treatment of Qualified Pollution Control Property Under Construction

Rule 7. Guidelines for Integrated Resource Planning by an Electric Utility

Rule 8. Guidelines for Demand-Side Cost Recovery by Electric Utilities




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