Duke Energy Indiana C&I Solar Leasing Proposal (45145)

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Please find below documents in the proposal by Duke Energy Indiana filed with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) in Cause No. 45145:

DukeEnergy SolarLeasingVerifiedPetition 092418 (1)

45145 DukeEnergy DirectTestimonyAndrewSRitch 092518

This proposed solar leasing program is available to non-residential customers who are served by one of the following Rate Schedules or Standard Contract Riders:

Duke Rate CS Commercial Electric Service

Duke Rate LLF_Low Load Factor

Duke Optional Rate LLF Rider No 10 1

Duke Optional Rate LLF Rider No 102

Duke Rate HLF_High Load Factor

Duke Rate HLF_High Load FactorDuke Optional Rate HLF Rider No 122

Duke Rate WP Water Pumping

Submission of proposed procedural schedule:

IURC 45145 - Submission of Agreed to Procedural Schedule

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