Duke Energy Indiana Proposes 16 MW CHP facility on Purdue West Lafayette Campus

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Purdue Wade Utility Plant

Purdue University West Lafayette existing Wade Power Plant

Duke Energy Indiana Proposes 16 MW CHP facility on Purdue West Lafayette Campus

On 8/8/19, Duke Energy Indiana filed a petition with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) for a 16 MW combined heat & power (CHP) project on the Purdue West Lafayette campus.

The petition describes the proposed project as follows:

The Purdue CHP Facility. The proposed Purdue CHP Facility will be approximately 16 MW of generation and will be located on land leased to Duke Energy Indiana from Purdue in West Lafayette, Indiana. The Purdue CHP Facility will serve as a base load steam supply resource for Purdue and base load grid-tied power supply for Duke Energy Indiana customers. It will consist of a single industrial-sized natural gas fired gas turbine generator with a single heat recovery steam generator and a duct burner, capable of providing addition steam at Purdue’s discretion. The Purdue CHP Facility will be designed to provide (1) steam to Purdue (to complement the University’s existing Wade Utility Plant, which currently provides for the campus’ entire thermal energy requirements) and (2) backup electric service, if a system outage occurs. Duke Energy Indiana and Purdue will execute a 35-year Steam Agreement for the thermal energy provided by the Purdue CHP Facility. Purdue will pay for the steam per volume delivered as provided in the Steam Agreement. Revenues from the steam sale will initially flow back to Duke Energy Indiana customers through the fuel clause until they are included as a revenue credit in a future retail base rate case. Purdue will pay for the equipment required to provide backup power via Standard Contract Rider No. 53 “Excess Facilities”. Natural gas for the Purdue CHP Facility will be supplied by Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana via a dedicated lateral to a new metering station on the Purdue campus installed within close proximity of the Purdue CHP Facility. The Purdue CHP Facility will interconnect to Duke Energy Indiana’s existing distribution level substation adjacent to the Wade Utility plant. Duke Energy Indiana will own, operate, and maintain the proposed Purdue CHP Facility.

Download a copy of the petition HERE:

45276_Purdue CHP - Verified Petition filed 2019-08-08

Duke also prefiled testimony of four people as follows:

45276 - Direct Testimony Testimony of Adam J. Nygaard

Adam J. Nygaard: My testimony will present an overview of the Company’s proposed 16 MW CHP facility  (the “Purdue CHP Facility”) to be located on land leased to Duke Energy Indiana by Purdue University (“Purdue”). I will explain what Duke Energy Indiana is requesting in this proceeding and the statutory backdrop for approval.

In addition to my testimony, Duke Energy Indiana is also presenting the testimony of Mr. Mark E. Landseidel, Mr. Scott Park, and Ms. Sieferman. Mr. Landseidel will provide
testimony regarding the Company’s cost estimate and construction schedule for the Purdue CHP Facility. Mr. Park will discuss how the proposed Purdue CHP Facility is  consistent with the Company’s 2018 Integrated Resource Plan (“IRP”) and the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (“CPCN”) statutory requirements. Ms. Sieferman
will provide testimony explaining the Company’s proposal to credit the steam sales from the facility back to Duke Energy Indiana customers through the Company’s quarterly Fuel Cost Adjustment proceeding (“FAC”). She will also provide testimony supporting the Company’s request for deferral of the costs associated with the construction and operation of the proposed Purdue CHP Facility until such costs are reflected in Duke Energy Indiana’s base rates and charges.

45276 - Direct Testimony of Mark E. Landseidel

45276 - Direct Testimony of Scott Park

45276 - Direct Testimony of Suzanne E. Sieferman

Check back for a procedural schedule as soon as it becomes available.


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