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Does Saving Historic Buildings Really Save Energy?

April 26, 2011


The preservationist wisdom is that a lot of energy--gallons and gallons of gasoline--is locked up in our historic buildings, and should be saved. It's time to update that wisdom.

Please find below selected documents which may help in addressing the issue of solar energy systems vs. historic preservation:


The company’s “Project Sunroof” now shows you which of your friends have already put solar panels on their roof.


  • Why do people put solar on their roofs? Because other people put solar on their roofs


Download full research report HERE>

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How does a lack of policies such as aggregate, virtual and community net metering make the policy on historic preservation and solar more important?

See https://ilsr.org/aggregate-net-metering/ 

The issue of solar panel installation in historic districts is critically important in state like Indiana in which programs such as aggregate net metering and virtual net metering is not available for electric utility customers. See below:

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The Many Categories of Net Metering

Similarly, another net metering program called "virtual net metering" is also not available to Hoosier electric utility customers.

This document helps to describe additional net metering concepts also currently not available to Hoosier utility customers.


NREL_Implementing Solar PV Projects on Historic Bldgs and in Historic Districts_Sept. 2011

lbu036_Influence of neighbors on solar adoption



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