Indiana Electric Utility 2014 DSM Case Filings

Since passage of SEA 340 during the 2014 session of the Indiana General Assembly.

This page will be updated from time to time to add additional information.

Duke Energy Indiana (DEI)

43955-DSM-2 DEI Petition filed 2014-05-29

43955-DSM-2 DEI Case-in-chief filed 2014-05-29

43955-DSM-2 Testimony of Michael Goldberg filed 2014-05-29

43955-DSM-2 Testimony of Roshina M Ham filed 2014-05-29

43955-DSM-2 DEI Karen K Holbrock filed 2014-05-29

43955-DSM-2 DEI Diana L Douglas filed 2014-05-29

43955-DSM-2 DEI Motion for Protection of Confidential and Proprietary Information filed 2014-05-29

43955-DSM-2 DEI Submission of Workpapers filed 2014-06-02

Indianapolis Power and Light (IPL)

44497 IPL DSM Petition filed 2014-05-30

44497 IPL DSM Case-in-chief_2014-06-02

Indiana Michigan Power Company (I&M)

Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission will conduct a
public Prehearing Conference and Preliminary Hearing in Cause No. 44486 in the
IURC Conference Center, Suite 220, Judicial Courtroom 224 of the PNC Center, 101 W. Washington Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, commencing at 10:00 AM, local time, on
Monday, June 16, 2014.

Thus far, the only intervenor in the I&M DSM case is CAC.

44486 I&M DSM Petition filed 2014-05-05

44486 I&M DSM Case-in-chief filed 2014-05-07

44486 I&M DSM Vol 1 of 3 Jon C Walter_David M Roush_William K Castle filed 2014-05-07

44486 I&M DSM Vol 2 of 3_ Exhibit JCW-2 & JCW-3

44486 I&M DSM Vol 3 of 3_Exhibit JCW-18 filed 2014-05-07

44486 I&M DSM Prefiled Workpapers filed 2014-05-07

Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) 

44496 NIPSCO DSM Petition filed 2014-05-29

44496 NIPSCO DSM Direct Testimony and Exhibits_2014-05-30


44495 Vectren DSM Petition filed 2014-05-29

44495 Vectren DSM Case-in-chief filed 2014-05-29


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