2015-2016 Indiana Senate and House Utilities Committee Members

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Please find below a list of the 20152016 Members of the Senate Utilities Committee and the House Utilities, Energy and Telecommunications Committee. These are the two key committees of the Indiana General Assembly which will address energy and utility issues including and proposed changes to net metering and utility energy efficiency and DSM programs. The District column provides a link to each state legislator's official web site which includes additional information including a map of their legislative district.

Sen. Jim Merritt (R-Indianapolis) chairs the Indiana Senate Utilities Committee and Sen. Jim Buck (R-Kokomo) is the Ranking Majority Member.

Rep. Eric Koch (R-Bedford) chairs the Indiana House Utilities, Energy and Telecommunications Committee and Rep. Heath VanNatter (R-Kokomo) is the Vice Chair.


District  Title Fname Lname Party Hometown
Indiana Senate Utilities Committee
SD 31 Sen. Jim Merritt R Indianapolis
SD 21 Sen. Jim Buck R Kokomo
SD 18 Sen. Randy Head R Logansport
SD 29 Sen. Mike Delph R Carmel
SD 47 Sen. Erin Houchin R Salem
SD 42 Sen. Jean Leising R Oldenburg
SD 49 Sen. James Tomes R Wadesville
SD 34 Sen. Jean Breaux D Indianapolis
SD 10 Sen. John Broden D South Bend
SD2 Sen. Lonnie Randolph D East Chicago
Indiana House Utilities, Energy and Telecommunications Committee
H65 Rep. Eric Koch R Bedford
H38 Rep. Heath VanNatter R Kokomo
H91 Rep. Bob Behning R Indianapolis
H93 Rep. Dave Frizzell R Indianapolis
H90 Rep. Mike Speedy R Indianapolis
H5 Rep. Dale DeVon R Granger
H67 Rep. Randy Frye R Greensburg
H42 Rep. Alan Morrison R Terre Haute
H4 Rep. Ed Soliday R Valparaiso
H87 Rep. Christina Hale D Indianapolis
H100 Rep. Dan Forestal D Indianapolis
H61 Rep. Matt Pierce D Bloomington
H94 Rep. Cherrish Pryor D Indianapolis

Download a list of these state legislators' email addresses, Legislative Assistants (LA), and LA contact information HERE>

2015 Indiana Senate and House Utilities Committee Members as of 2014-12-28

If you email, write or meet with your state legislator who is a member of one of these two important committees about net metering or other renewable energy and distributed generation issues, please share their responses with us via Laura.Arnold@IndianaDG.net or call (317) 635-1701.

Thank you!


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