IndianaDG July 2013 Newsletter Documents

Dear IndianaDG Members;

Please find below links and/or uploaded documents referenced in the July 2013 Member Newsletter. There are some documents which can be accessed through a simple link. however, there are other documents which cannot.

I am continuing to work with a web developer plug-in called s2Member for WordPress which is the software program I am using for the website. Unfortunately, I am still learning the program and working out the bugs. I did want to give you a flavor of how we might use this feature. Instead of attaching lengthy documents to my emails to the IndianaDG members, I will merely upload them to a Page which is a part of the website. Eventually, I will be able to send each IndianaDG member an email with a temporary password to allow you to access special content that will not be shared with general members of the public.

The s2Member plug-in also holds the possibility to allow me to post and restrict access to CONFIDENTIAL documents which might be related to our upcoming negotiations on the proposed NIPSCO FIT 2.0.

Hopefully, this will be a useful tool to make it easier for you to access documents pertaining to our state regulatory and state legislative activities.

Laura Ann Arnold


Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) Activities

44304order_052913 Sunrise Energy Ventures (SEV)

44344 Verified Complaint Morton Solar_2013-06-21_13032-PLED-COMPLAINT – SIGNED Formal Complaint Filed by Morton Solar Against Vectren

44313order_062613 Indiana Michigan Power/City of Winchester

44336order_062613 Lake County Solar

44335order_070313 Wildcat Wind Farm

Recent Court Decisions

iowa-solar-ruling_Eagle Point Solar

These are two recent court decisions about the issue of what is a “public utility” in Indiana. These two Indiana court decisions may support a finding similar to the Iowa Court solar ruling on Eagle Point Solar.



Indiana Executive Branch

These are recent media articles interviewing Indiana Governor Mike Pence on his views about Indiana energy policy. Governor Pence is from Columbus, IN and hence, this interview from his hometown newspaper, The Republic.




The Republic, Columbus, IN newspaper articles about NuSUN Solar which is a solar PV manufacturer located in Columbus, IN and a member of IndianaDG.







We are sharing these copies of articles from The Republic since they can only be accessed by subscribers to the newspaper. We would like to thank one of our subscribers for providing these articles to IndianaDG.

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