NIPSCO General Rate Case in Cause No. 44688 filed 10/01/15


NIPSCO 44688 General Rate Case_Petition_2015-10-01

NIPSCO 44688 Agreed Procedural Schedule

NIPSCO 44688 Frank Shambo_summary and rationale for rate increase

NIPSCO 44688 Curt Westerhausen_proposed new rate tariffs

The following is a listing of the Exhibits and Direct Testimony filed by NIPSCO:

  1. Petitioner’s Exhibit No. 1, including Attachments 1-A through 1-D, Verified Direct Testimony of Violet Sistovaris, Executive Vice President of NIPSCO;
  2. Petitioner’s Exhibit No. 2, including Attachments 2-A through 2-C, Verified Direct Testimony of Frank A. Shambo, Vice President, Regulatory and Legislative Affairs of NIPSCO;
  3. Petitioner’s Exhibit No. 3, including Attachments 3-A through 3-C, Verified Direct Testimony of Michael Hooper, Senior Vice President, Electric Operations of NIPSCO;
  4. Petitioner’s Exhibit No. 4, Verified Direct Testimony of Kelly R. Carmichael, Vice President, Environmental of NiSource Corporate Services Company;
  5. Petitioner’s Exhibit No. 5, including Attachment 5-A, Verified Direct Testimony of Daniel T. Williamson, Executive Director, Energy Supply and Trading of NIPSCO;
  6. Petitioner’s Exhibit No. 6, including Attachments 6-A through 6-J, Verified Direct Testimony of Derric J. Isensee, Executive Director, Rates and Regulatory Finance of NIPSCO;
  7. Petitioner’s Exhibit No. 7, including Attachments 7-A through 7-F, Verified Direct Testimony of Susanne M. Taylor, Director, TSA Financials & Governance, NiSource Corporate Services Company;1
  8. Petitioner’s Exhibit No. 8, including Attachments 8-A through 8-D, Verified Direct Testimony of Christopher P. Smith, Vice President, Human Resources of NiSource Corporate Services Company;
  9. Petitioner’s Exhibit No. 9, including Attachments 9-A through 9-D, Verified Direct Testimony of Victor F. Ranalletta, Associate Engineer and Manager of Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co., Inc.;
  10. Petitioner’s Exhibit No. 10, including Attachments 10-A and 10-B, Verified Direct Testimony of John J. Spanos, Senior Vice President of Gannett Fleming Valuation and Rate Consultants, LLC;
  11. Petitioner’s Exhibit No. 11, including Attachments 11-A through 11-C, Verified Direct Testimony of Michael D. McCuen, Director, Tax Planning and Accounting of NiSource Corporate Services Company;
  12. Petitioner’s Exhibit No. 12, including Attachments 12-A and 12-B, Verified Direct Testimony of Vincent V. Rea, Director, Regulatory Finance and Economics of NiSource Corporate Services Company;
  13. Petitioner’s Exhibit No. 13, including Attachment 13-A, Verified Direct Testimony of Paul R. Moul, Managing Consultant of P. Moul & Associates;
  14. Petitioner’s Exhibit No. 14, including Attachments 14-A through 14-E, Verified Direct Testimony of Ann E. Bulkley, Vice President of Concentric Energy Advisors, Inc.;
  15. Petitioner’s Exhibit No. 15, Verified Direct Testimony of William Gresham, Manager, Demand Forecasting of NiSource Corporate Services Company;
  16. Petitioner’s Exhibit No. 16, including Attachments 16-A through 16-F, Verified Direct Testimony of Bickey Rimal, Senior Consultant of Concentric Energy Advisors, Inc.;
  17. Petitioner’s Exhibit No. 17, including Attachments 17-A through 17-L, Verified Direct Testimony of J. Stephen Gaske, Senior Vice President of Concentric Energy Advisors, Inc.;
  18. Petitioner’s Exhibit No. 18, including Attachment 18-A, Verified Direct Testimony of David Joseph Mays, Manager, Rates and Contracts of NIPSCO; and
  19. Petitioner’s Exhibit No. 19, including Attachments 19-A through 19-H, Verified Direct Testimony of Curt A. Westerhausen, Directors, Rates and Contracts of NIPSCO.

UPDATE (2/19/16): A settlement agreement in NIPSCO's base rate case was filed with the IURC on February 19, 2016. Settling parties include the OUCC, NIPSCO, industrial customers, municipal governments, and the United Steelworkers, with no opposition from LaPorte County. For a summary of the pending agreement, please see the news release issued by the settling parties.

The base rate case is separate from NIPSCO's proposed seven-year infrastructure plan.


Northern Indiana Public Service Co. (NIPSCO) is seeking an electric rate increase of approximately $126.6 million in IURC Cause No. 44688.

The OUCC has filed testimony recommending limiting the increase to about $15.6 million. For a summary, please see the OUCC's January 22, 2016 news release.

The OUCC's case-in-chief includes testimony from 11 witnesses:

Natural gas rates are not at issue in this case.

An IURC public field hearing was held in Hammond on December 14, 2015. The OUCC issued a November 30, 2015 news release to invite consumer comments.

To view the IURC case file, click here and enter Docket Number 44688.

NIPSCO filed its petition and testimony from 19 witnesses on October 1, 2015:

44688 NIPSCO rate case_Testimony of Karl Rabago for CAC and ELP

44688--JI Exhibits 1 and 2--1-22-16

Rabago CAC IURC Cause 44688 Direct Testimony FINAL WORD DOC

44688 NIPSCO Rebuttal by Frank Shambo_2016-02-16

44688 NIPSCO Rebuttal by Stepen Gaske_2016-02-16

44688 Submission of Stipulation and Settlement Agreement

Testimony prefiled by settling parties on 3/4/16:

NIPSCO Settlement Testimony:

44688 NIPSCO Petitioner's Settlement Testimony_2016-03-04

44688 NIPSCO Petitioner's Settlement Worpapers_2016-03-04

44688 NIPSCO Settlement Testimony by Frank Shambo_2016-03-04

44688 NIPSCO Settlement Testimony by Curt Westerhausen_2016-03-04

44688 NIPSCO Settlement Testimony by Derric Isensee_2016-03-04

Other parties Settlement Testimony:

44688 NIPSCO Settlement Testimony by US Steel_2016-03-04

44688 NIPSCO Settlement Testimony for NIPSCO Industrial Group by Nicholas PhillipdA_2016-03-04

44688 NIPSCO Settlement testimony for OUCC by Barbara Smith_2016-03-04

NIPSCO 44688 Settlement Testimony Sommer, compiled, filed 3-3-16 for Indiana Municipal Utilities Group

Non-settling parties such as Citizens Action Coalition (CAC) and the Environmental Law and Policy Center (ELPC) will prefile testimony opposing the settlement on March 18th.


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