pv Magazine: Rooftop solar in Indiana worth 13¢/kWh, not 3¢/kWh, says expert witness

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Rooftop solar in Indiana worth 13¢/kWh, not 3¢/kWh, says expert witness

A high level of distributed solar in Indiana would reduce utility costs by up to $540 million per year, a national lab has found. Fair compensation for rooftop solar power in southern Indiana would be 13¢/kWh, an expert calculated—not the 3¢/kWh proposed by a utility.

SEPTEMBER 3, 2020 

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To figure the fair compensation for customers providing solar power to the grid, start with the average price that customers pay for power, testified Edward Rutter in an Indiana rate case. Then subtract the fair share of the cost of the distribution grid that’s used to move the solar power.

The resulting value is 13¢/kWh for residential solar generation in the southern Indiana region served by Vectren, he calculated, compared to the 3¢/kWh that Vectren proposes to pay.

Rutter, a former accountant, recently served as chief technical advisor with the Indiana state agency that represents ratepayer interests. The Indiana Distributed Energy Alliance sponsored his testimony.

Vectren is the first of five Indiana utilities to propose new rates for distributed solar generation, under a 2017 state law that calls for replacing net metering compensation, says an Alliance statement.

$540 million per year

Rutter highlighted a Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory study, requested by the Indiana legislature, which found that high levels of distributed solar power in Indiana would reduce utility costs statewide.

The study, included in a state task force report, showed annual statewide savings from high levels of distributed PV ranging to more than $540 million in 2040, relative to a base case:

The savings are mostly from reduced generation costs. The values do not include the cost to solar customers of a solar installation; rather, they show the value provided by solar customers to all customers in the state.

Rutter testified that the savings represent an 8% reduction in utility costs statewide. He originally suggested that Indiana regulators could allocate those savings 50/50 between the distributed solar generators who create the savings, and all other customers. Solar generators would receive a fair price for their solar power, while all other customers would receive lower bills. But in subsequent testimony filed after further data became available, Rutter testified that the 13¢/kWh value is “more accurate.”

The 2017 Indiana law to replace net metering was “premature,” Rutter said, “in not having this comprehensive study” from the national laboratory, “to understand the benefits and costs associated with distributed energy resource deployment, particularly rooftop solar.”

In related work, the national solar association SEIA determined that in Michigan, distributed solar power provided to the grid has a value of 24¢/kWh.

Other advocacy groups contesting Vectren’s proposed 3¢/kWh compensation for distributed solar power are Citizens Action Coalition, Environmental Law and Policy Center, Vote Solar, Solar United Neighbors, and Solarize Indiana.

IndianaDG Tells IURC to Reject Vectren’s Proposed EDG Tariff to Replace Net Metering

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Vectren Issues RFP for Renewable and Storage

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Vectren 3 color logo

Vectren has issued a Request for Proposals seeking renewable and storage power supply to meet the needs of our customers. Vectren submitted an Integrated Resource Plan (2019/2020 IRP) to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission in June 2020 which identified a need for 700-1,000 MWs of solar (some paired with storage) and 300 MWs of wind as part of its preferred resource options to meet capacity and energy requirements.

Key details and a link to this RFP can be found on www.vectren.com/irp.

Vectren has retained the services of an independent third-party consultant, 1898 & Co., a division of Burns and McDonnell, to help manage the RFP process. All Respondents will directly interface with 1898 & Co. for all communications including questions, RFP clarification issues, and Proposal submission. All correspondence concerning this RFP should be sent via e-mail to VectrenRFP@1898andco.com.

This RFP and all of its Appendices are available on the RFP website (http://Vectren2020RFP.rfpmanager.biz/).

Vectren RFP_2020-08-12

Vectren RFP Schedule


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Northern Indiana Public Service Company ("NIPSCO") is extending the deadline for its Request for Proposals for MISO capacity (Zonal Resource Credits "ZRC") covering MISO Planning Years 2021-2022, 2022-2023, and 2023-2024.
The new deadline is 12PM CPT (Central Prevailing Time) Tuesday, August 18, 2020.  (The original deadline was Friday, August 7, 2020).  Notification to selected ("awarded") bidders will be on or before 5PM CPT Friday, August  28, 2020 (originally Monday, September 14, 2020).

Interested Bidders should refer to the attached RFP documents for the event details and requirements.  Changes from NIPSCO's Capacity RFP dated July 23, 2020 are highlighted below.

NIPSCO RFP Event Summary Update

RFP: Minimum 50 ZRC of MISO Capacity delivered to Local Resource Zone 6 for MISO Planning Years 2021-2022, 2022-2023, and 2023-24.  NIPSCO is willing to entertain block sizes less than or greater than the preferred block size of 50 or 100 ZRCs.

It is also the responsibility of the Bidder to deliver the capacity to MISO Local Resource Zone 6 (if applicable, e.g. capacity is in a different Local Resource Zone or pseudo-tied into MISO).  Thank you very much for your interest in NIPSCO's Capacity RFP.

Attached are the RFP and a bidder form.  



Please direct questions to:  

Edward H. Twarok, Lead Operations Analyst  
rfp.nipsco@nisource.com or 708.937.2052

NIPSCO Capacity RFP PY 2021-22, 2022-23, 2023-24

NIPSCO Capacity RFP Bidder Form

Sun for All Contractors RFP; Indiana Solar Empowerment Grants

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Indiana Solar Empowerment Grants

 Request for Proposals (RFP)

from Solar Contractors (RFPSC)

Response Requirements & Guidelines

Issued:  July 22, 2020

Responses Due:  6:00 pm EDT on August 12, 2020


Thank you for your interest in bidding on the opportunity to install one or more solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for selected finalists with funds from the SUN FOR ALL Solar Empowerment Grant Program. We are pleased you are interested in capturing the energy from the sun to energize your community!

Solar project funding totaling approximately $450,000, as well as some funding from the finalists, is available for installations of less than 0.5 MW for organizations that serve low income and vulnerable populations in Indiana with a preference for applicants in the AEP Energy Indiana & Michigan electric service territory.

The SUN FOR ALL Review and Selection Committee consists of representatives of Environmental and Community Development interests in Indiana, and it has narrowed the list of eligible candidate projects to participate in this RFP for solar contractors. This means that, provided that there are no technical issues identified in this bidding process that would create a significant obstacle for an installation at the sites listed in Appendix A, each of these eligible candidates should proceed with the installation of projects. Due to our limited budget, the listed projects must be bid at not more than +/- 10% of the kWdc presented in the Helioscopes in Appendix A.

This RFP is designed to solicit firm proposals from solar installers (“Installers”) interested in bidding on one or more of these projects.

SUNFORALL Solar Contractor RFP--7-22-2020FINAL


Appendix C

SUNFORALL Solar Contractor RFP--Appendix B in Excel Format--7-22-2020FINAL

SUNFORALL Solar Contractor RFP--7-22-2020FINAL_Reduced Size


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