UPDATE: Home Owner Associations (HOAs) and solar in Indiana

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IndianaDG continues to work on the problem of Home Owner Associations (HOAs) which either

  1. HOA total prohibition on solar energy systems; or
  2. HOA unreasonable or vague restrictions on solar.

IndianaDG individual member Joey Myles and others worked with Sen. Aaron Freeman (R-Indianapolis) who introduced SB 500 during the 2017 session of the Indiana General Assembly. SB 500 was amended and did pass the Indiana Senate BUT it did not receive a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee. To continue our efforts to fix this HOA solar problem, state legislation will need to introduced again during the 2018 session of the Indiana General Assembly.

Myles recently updated the YouTube video he prepared to explain the HOA solar problem in Indiana and what IndianaDG has done about it.

You can watch the revised video here:

You might also want to download a copy of the presentation in PowerPoint or as a PDF.

HOA Solar presentation (2018 update) v4

HOA Solar presentation (2018 update) v4_PDF

We also encourage you to visit this website for additional information:

Find Your HOA Solar Restrictions

UM National Poll: Americans support net energy metering

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Americans support net energy metering

September 7, 2017 by Nicole Casal Moore

About three out of every four Americans support hotly debated net energy metering policies, which allow residents with wind turbines and solar panels to sell excess energy back to the grid at retail rates, according to a national poll by University of Michigan researchers.

Read more at: https://phys.org/news/2017-09-americans-net-energy-metering.html#jCp

I&M Rate Case Field Hearings: 10/2 South Bend; 10/10 Ft. Wayne; 10/30 Muncie

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Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) is seeking a base rate increase of approximately $263 million in IURC Cause No. 44967.

The OUCC is reviewing I&M's request and is scheduled to file testimony on November 7, 2017. The deadline and additional procedural schedule dates are included in the IURC's September 5, 2017 docket entry.

I&M customers may comment for the formal case record by:

  • Sending written consumer comments to the OUCC by November 2, 2017, or
  • Speaking at one of the 3 IURC public field hearings in this case. Each of the following will start at 6 p.m. local time:
    • Monday, October 2, 2017 in South Bend: Century Center, Recital Hall, 120 S. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
    • Tuesday, October 10, 2017 in Fort Wayne: Grand Wayne Convention Center, Calhoun Ballroom A, 120 W. Jefferson Blvd.
    • Monday, October 30, 2017 in Muncie: Muncie City Hall Auditorium, 300 N. High St.

For more information on the rate case process and on offering comments, please see our infographic and our Speaking Out on Pending Cases fact sheet.

For more information on the pending rate case, please see the OUCC's September 12, 2017 news release.

I&M filed the following documents on July 26, 2017:

  • Petition - 25 pages
  • Testimony: Thomas – 35 pages
  • Testimony: Lucas – 47 pages
  • Testimony: Kratt – 86 pages
  • Testimony: Lies – 43 pages
  • Testimony: Kerns – 32 pages
  • Testimony: Ali – 25 pages
  • Testimony: Cash – 288 pages
  • Testimony: Brubaker – 30 pages
  • Testimony: Burnett – 24 pages
  • Testimony: Knight – 84 pages
  • Testimony: Hill – 35 pages
  • Testimony: Bartsch – 16 pages
  • Testimony: Hevert – 174 pages
  • Testimony: Messner – 26 pages
  • Testimony: Williamson – 61 pages
  • Testimony: Halsey – 36 pages
  • Testimony: Stegall – 92 pages
  • Testimony: High – 35 pages
  • Testimony: Nollenberger – 36 pages
  • Testimony: Cooper – 189 pages

All publicly filed documents in the case, including the utility’s work papers and additional exhibits, are available on the IURC website.


For more information, visit:



See this two page summary from Citizens Action Coalition (CAC)


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Report: Trump likely to impose solar tariffs if USITC recommends them

New solar panel carports could save MSU $10 million in electricity costs

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New solar panel carports could save MSU $10 million in electricity costs


New solar panels are installed on Michigan State University's campus over the parking lot at Hagadorn and Service Roads pictured on Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017.

MSU is going greener than ever with new solar carports that’ll keep cars shaded and money in their savings.

These new campus parking bays will accumulate energy from the sun, produce electricity and keep the air clean while protecting cars from heat, rain and snow according to physics professor and Office of the Executive Vice President Senior Consultant Wolfgang Bauer.According to Bauer, MSU has a 25-year power purchase agreement with the private company Inovateus Solar that says it will carry all the risks while MSU guarantees they will buy all the electricity that the solar panels use.

“The peak power that the solar arrays, once they’re all done, will produce is about 18 percent of campus’s peak power demand,” Bauer said.

There are currently four parking lots along Service road that are in various stages of being partially completed. Lot 91 on Hagadorn road already has solar panels up and by the end of the year all of the parking lots will be completed.

“Throughout this fall semester there will be a huge effort on these parking lots and there will be one segment at a time will be closed,” Bauer said.

Each individual unit is comprised of 3–by–6 solar panels. There are approximately 40,000 panels that cover 5,000 parking spots and an overall area of about 45 acres of land, according to Bauer.

Inovateus Solar Account Executive Jordan Richardson remarked that MSU’s 13 megawatt solar panel project isn’t the largest their company has done, but is definitely the largest carport in North America.

These solar panels will save the university about $10 million in electricity costs over the next 25 years, according to Bauer, and those savings could be available for other things, including better instructional spaces or even paying for teaching assistants.

“It’s very easy to be green when you’re willing to put a lot of money into it, but we don’t have that luxury," Bauer said. "We have to save money at the same time and so it shows that a university of our size can be green in terms of its energy portfolio and at the same time being green in terms of its pocket book. We’re saving money.”

These solar arrays could produce enough electricity for almost 1,800 Michigan households and it is equivalent to planting 15,000 trees each year for the next 25 years, according to Bauer.

Richardson called MSU’s thinking "very creative" because instead of digging holes in a random area to produce electricity, they are utilizing land that’s already consumed by students' cars every day.

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