States and Their Caps
Net Energy Metering
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Net Metering is required for IOUs in 44 states + D.C.
Firm Aggregate Cap: 15 States
Discretionary Aggregate Cap: 12 States*
Uncapped: 17 States + D.C.
Created with Raphaël 2.1.2NEM Firm Cap (33%)NEM Discretionary Cap (27%)NEM Uncapped (40%)
Discretionary Caps: Cap enforcement is discretionary, or Commission may adjust an aggregate cap on its own authority without legislation or rulemaking. CA: Refers to non-coincident peak; equal to ~10.8% of coincident peak load. GA: The state has a distributed generation law, but not net metering. ID: Uncapped for Idaho Power; 0.1% for other IOUs. MA: Public (5%) and private (4%) caps combined. Some small systems (10 or 25 kW or less) not subject to the cap. MN: Refers to utility retail sales, not peak load. NJ: Refers to total state retail sales, not peak load.  
The Majority of States with Net Metering Do Not Have Firm Aggregate Caps
EQ Research | 2015