Rep. Dvorak Responds to Governor Daniels Veto of Energy Efficiency Code Bill–HEA 1348

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May 12, 2009


INDIANAPOLIS – Gov. Mitch Daniels vetoed House Enrolled Act 1348 (HEA 1348) Tuesday. He wrote in a media advisory that the bill “does constitute good policy”, but “it is completely superfluous.” The bill’s author, State Rep. Ryan Dvorak (D-South Bend), plans to seek an override of the veto.

The bill would require Indiana to update its energy efficiency codes for the construction of new commercial buildings. The existing energy efficiency code is nearly two decades old and fails to account for the latest in cost-saving features that are used in other states. “The updated code required by House Enrolled Act 1348 will not only cut energy consumption,” Dvorak said, “but also create jobs in the building trades and reduce overhead costs for Indiana businesses.”

Dvorak responded to the governor’s statement by saying that this bill is necessary when Indiana trails so far behind the rest of the nation in implementing energy conservation standards.

“Gov. Daniels said he has already begun the process of updating the state energy code,” Dvorak added. “However, the Governor’s efforts only began after the Legislature held hearings on Indiana’s lack of progress on the issue. As a result of those hearings, I filed legislation to require the state to act. Indiana has initiated this process in the past, but never followed through with changes. HEA 1348 would ensure that this time Indiana will complete its work by July 1, 2010.

“I am absolutely baffled by Gov. Daniels’ veto,” continued Dvorak. “We worked with his administration to incorporate their suggested changes to the bill’s language and never once did they testify in opposition to the legislation, much less threaten the veto of it. I will seek an override of Gov. Daniels’ veto to ensure these much needed changes finally occur.”

The final version of the bill passed the House by a vote of 91-0 and the Senate by a 47-2 margin.

Click here to read the Governor's Veto Message.

Click Here for more information on HB 1348.


  1. Anonymous September 28, 2009 4:04 pm Reply

    I’m shocked. Does this bill affect only commercial buildings (no residential)? Daniels and his admin can save face here if they update both commercial and residential building codes because Indiana’s requirements are at or near the worst in the nation.

  2. Anonymous September 28, 2009 4:06 pm Reply

    Dvorak isn’t baffled – this is posturing. It’s a “gotcha” issue that really amounts to nothing.

    If you ask people that actually work in energy regulation, in comparison with the building incentives already established and constructive energy policy already used through agencies like the Office of Energy Development, this legislation is worthless.

    When Gov Daniels acted upon this matters nothing in the grand scheme of things. What’s Dvorak doing to actually BRING jobs to his area? That should be a priority more than any of this ceremonial, I love the environment this { } much gesturing.

  3. Anonymous September 28, 2009 4:09 pm Reply

    anonymous – are you kidding me? Posturing usually involves partisan behavior, but this only received 2 dissenting votes from both houses. I am a ASHRAE (American Society Heating Refrigeration Air Conditioning Engineers) member – and even the most conservative chapter members, in my chapter, joke about our state and its ridiculous, outdated code. The ASHRAE guideline that we are using is around 20 years old. It is established as a “minimum”. There have been dozens of updates from ASHRAE since then. Indiana has chosen to stay with our codes from the early 80’s???

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