AWEA applauds bipartisan 62-34 vote on amended SB 251

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Editor's Note: This news release was posted by Jeff Anthony, AWEA Director of Business Development, to the Wind Energy Manufacturers Association (WEMA) Linked-In Group. I am posting this news release in an effort to indicate that everyone is not on the same page about SB 251 (and HB 1128). What we really need is for all the business organizations supporting renewable energy and distributed generation to work together. This is not happening right now. As a result, I believe that some are willing to settle for the crumbs dropped on the floor under the table plus look the other way on some really bad utility policy in these bills.
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AWEA: Indiana House passes Clean Energy Portfolio Standard, spurring Hoosier job creation

Washington, DC (April 22, 2011) – The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) today expressed support for a bill passed by the Indiana House of Representatives containing the state’s first voluntary Clean Energy Portfolio Standard (CPS). The CPS would set a voluntary goal for 10 percent of Indiana's electric generation to come from clean energy resources by 2025.

"I applaud the Indiana House, under the leadership of Speaker Brian Bosma and Representative David Frizzell, for their efforts on SB 251,” said AWEA CEO Denise Bode. “This action is about creating affordable, homegrown energy for Indiana. With SB 251, the Indiana House has set in motion the ability to create thousands of wind industry jobs for Hoosiers—life-long careers in manufacturing, construction, operations and maintenance.”

Included in the voluntary CPS of SB 251 is an amendment offered by Representative Frizzell (R-Indianapolis), ensuring that at least half of the energy produced by Indiana utilities participating in the 10% voluntary CPS will be met with clean energy resources from within Indiana. The amendment passed unanimously by a voice vote on Tuesday, April 21.

The House passed the amended bill with a bipartisan vote of 62-34. The amended bill, which originated in the Senate, now moves back to that chamber for a vote. The Indiana General Assembly must complete this year’s legislative session by April 29.

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  1. Gary Reese April 24, 2011 1:06 pm Reply

    I don’t see this as settling for the crumbs. I see it as a sellout of principals. Read tween the lines people. This will come to no good end.

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