Does Indiana need CWIP for new nuclear plants? CAC: nukes too risky, too expensive and Wall Street won’t support without CWIP

Posted by Laura Arnold  /   January 15, 2014  /   Posted in 2014 Indiana General Assembly, Duke Energy, Edwardsport IGCC Plant, Indiana Michigan Power Company (I&M), Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO), Uncategorized  /   No Comments

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Nuclear power for Indiana?

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The Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana said CWIP financing has stung Indiana ratepayers in the Edwardsport case and should be avoided for nuclear plants.

"The only reason utility companies need CWIP is because those investments are too risky, too expensive, and Wall Street won't support them, similar to the Edwardsport (plant)," said Kerwin Olson, the group's executive director. "If an investment is sound, then CWIP isn't needed. If it's not a good investment for shareholders, why is it a good investment for consumers?"


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