Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) vs. Reverse Auction Mechanism (RAM) vs. SRECs

IndianaDG is a big supporter of Feed-in Tariffs (FITs). During the last IPL FIT case in Cause No. 44018, the issue of offering part of the program capacity under a reverse auction mechanism (RAM) was suggested in response to questions from IURC Chairman Jim Atterholt during rebuttal testimony by IPL witness John Haselden. At that time, IndianaDG began to explore the issue of FITs vs. RAMs.

Since the the use of RAMs has arisen again in discussions with Indiana electric utilities, we are posting some of the reports we reviewed at that time on this issue as follows:

Reverse Auctions - Unpublished paper_ 2 28 11_Wilson Rickerson

E3_ Auction vs FiT_Toby Couture_Oct2010

CLEAN vs Auctions (ksw_05, 22 August 2011)

CLEAN, Bid & Net comparison - table (ksw_04, 28 May 2011)

Also this paper by John Farrell addresses the issue of CLEAN contracts or FITs vs. Solar Renewable Energy Credits or SREC's.

CLEAN-v-SRECs[1]_John Farrell_2011-10-13


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