Geostellar Solar Index, Q3; How does your state rank? Indiana is ranked 49th and that’s not good! What can we do?

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Geostellar Solar Index, Q3



The Geostellar Solar Index, a quarterly economic analysis of residential solar energy installations across the 50 United States and Washington DC, provides a means of measuring and comparing the profitability of residential solar energy installations to other investments, such as stocks, bonds and certificates of deposit.

Geostellar Solar Index



About the Geostellar Solar Index

One of the key insights the Geostellar Solar Index provides is the fact that local, state and federal tax credits and other incentives are the largest factors in determining the profitability of solar for the homeowner. Because incentives change rapidly, the profitability of solar energy across the country often fluctuates.

How the Geostellar Solar Index was Generated

The Q3 2013 Geostellar Solar Index Press Release

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