German solar panel manufacturer to begin production in Osgood (IN)

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Solar Company to Begin Production Report

A German solar panel manufacturer says it will begin production in Ripley County this month. Solarzentrum North America Inc. announced plans in August to invest more than $7 million and create up to 140 jobs.

March 15, 2013 ---News Release

Osgood, Ind. -- Solarzentrum North America, Inc. announces the start of production of their hybrid photovoltaic (electric) and thermal solar panel to begin on March 25, 2013.

Solarzentrum started discussions with the town of Osgood in May 2012 and together worked hand-in-hand. "Without the support of the Town of Osgood, City of Lawrenceburg Municipal development Fund, Ripley County, Ripley County Economic Development Corporation and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation this day would not be possible," stated Reinhard Peter, Solarzentrum’s Owner and CEO. "We are proud to have Solarzentrum here in Osgood and look forward to them being a strong community partner for many years to come," lauded Linda Krinop, Town of Osgood Board President.

The start of production marks the successful culmination of 11 months of work. “We have worked long and hard to finally reach this point,” added Andreas Peter, Solarzentrum’s Director of Manufacturing.

Solarzentrum manufacturers a patent-protected dual power generation solar panel capable of producing up to a combined 900 watts of electrical and thermal energy. This energy can be used in a number of different energy systems such as hot water, heating, cooling and drying. Through the use of high efficiency solar cells and liquid cooling technology, Solarzentrum panels are thirty percent more efficient in the production of electrical energy and deliver up to three times more energy than conventional solar panels.

"With our panels installed throughout the United States, we can demonstrate very attractive payback periods and return on investment," said Sean Furlow, Solarzentrum’s Managing Director.

Solarzentrum will be partnering with local, domestic and global distributors to deliver affordable, reliable and clean renewable energy systems. Solarzentrum’s goal is to add 140 new jobs by the end of 2017. "As demand for renewable energy systems continues to grow both domestically and globally, we see a real opportunity for our partners to establish operations in the region to support our needs adding even more jobs to the local economy," expressed Reinhard Peter.

Source: Solarzentrum North America Inc.,

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Solarzentrum North America offers a wide range of renewable energy technologies:

 PV-Therm - Our CHP (Combined Heat and Power) module provides up to 4 times more energy compared to a standard photovoltaic module.

PV - You can count on our quality, SZNA delivers only modules with positive tolerance up to +4.99Wp.

Inverters -Inverters are mandatory to convert the output of a (PV) solar panel into a utility frequency alternating current (AC) that can be fed into electrical grids or networks.

Energy Tanks -Offer a maximized utilization of area and energy. The tank is an important component in the heat supply for buildings and serves as a storing unit for the output of solar panels.

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