Hoosiers Messages to Gov. Holcomb to VETO SB 309

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Pictured above is Governor Eric Holcomb and First Dog Henry. It's a #GoodFriday.

A new group forming called Hoosier Canines for Solar!

UPDATE on Status of SB 309:

As of yesterday (4/13/17). SB 309, the bill destroying net metering which is the single most important Indiana state policy to encourage Hoosiers to to buy and install solar, small wind and biomass HAD NOT BEEN DELIVERED YET TO GOVERNOR HOLCOMB.


Enrolled acts signed by the Speaker of the House and the President Pro Tempore are sent to the Office of the Lt. Governor for signature, are then returned to the Office of the Secretary of the Senate (for Senate Enrolled Acts) or the Clerk of the House of Representatives (for House Enrolled Acts), and then go to the Office of the Governor. From there, the Governor reviews all legislation and has seven days to sign or veto the bill. If he does not sign it, it automatically becomes law on the eighth day after receipt.

Today (4/14/17) is a State Holiday and therefore, the next earliest day SB 309 could arrive in the Governor's Office is Monday, April 17, 2017.

Many solar supporters have recruited their children and grand children to craft messages to Governor Eric Holcomb to VETO SB 309. Here are just a few pictured below:

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Perhaps this is a good family activity over this holiday weekend. Please don't procrastinate though. All the bills delivered to Governor Holcomb on 4/13/17 were signed the same day.

Governor Holcomb appears to be fond of puppies and dogs as evidenced by these photos from his Facebook page. Perhaps you can include a photo of your favorite canine with your message to Governor Holcomb asking him to VETO SB 309. It's worth a try! :)

>>>Mailto: govholcomb@gov.in.gov

Governor Holcomb and his wife, Janet, live with their dog, Henry, in the Governor’s Residence on North Meridian Street in Indianapolis.

Woof, woof!

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