IMPA/IURC/FERC Documents–Richmond

There are several documents referenced in the current controversy over Richmond Power and Light (RP&L) relinquishing authority for net metering to the Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA).

Here are the documents IMPA filed with the Indiana Utility Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) and the IURC Order in Cause No. 44898:

44898 Direct Testimony - Jack F Alvey

44898 IMPA Direct Testimony - J Christian Rettig

44898 IMPA Direct Testimony - Lawrence A Brown

44898 Order 6-28-17_201706281400

Next IMPA filed a Petition with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC):

IMPA FERC Petition 20171003-5071(32433701)

IMPA FERC Order 20171116-3070(32535816)


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