Indiana Conservative Alliance for Energy (ICAE) Launced

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March 5, 2018

New poll shows Indiana conservatives support clean and renewable energy as part of state’s energy mix  


DATE:             March 6, 2018

CONTACT: Hannah Carlock (317-536-6900)

Indianapolis, Ind. – Indiana conservatives are launching a new organization that will focus on advocating for an “all of the above” energy policy that includes support for clean and renewable energy like wind and solar. The Indiana Conservative Alliance for Energy (ICAE) is comprised of conservative leaders across the state who are prepared to help Indiana lead on new and clean energy development to reach a next level economy, create jobs, and improve the quality of life for all Hoosiers.

“As Indiana works toward creating a next level economy, increasing the use of renewable energy is a strong signal that Indiana wants to take the lead in technology development,” said Tim Phelps, executive director of ICAE. “Developing homegrown, clean, efficient, and affordable energy will help Indiana pave the way for our nation’s energy future, making the state a more attractive place to locate business and secure talent. Expanding the use of renewable energy will also allow us to have clean, healthier air and less pollution in our state and communities, something which almost all Hoosiers support.”

The ICAE will focus on conservative solutions to statewide energy policy that increasingly emphasize clean, efficient, reliable, and affordable energy sources. Working with conservative leaders across the state, ICAE seeks to convince Hoosiers that clean energy doesn’t have to mean central planning and government subsidies.

“Conservation is a conservative idea – and as good citizens it is our responsibility to leave the earth better than we found it for future generations,” added Phelps. “The cost of renewable energy is decreasing significantly every year and is now more inexpensive than traditional energy choices – without government subsidies that pick winners and losers.”

To coincide with its launch, ICAE released the results of a poll of Indiana conservatives that showed that nearly six-in-ten conservatives were more likely to support a candidate that favored increasing the use of renewable energy and over 85 percent believe the state should pursue an “all of the above” policy that includes renewable sources like wind and solar.

Phelps concluded: “It is a common misconception perpetuated by the media and progressives that conservatives oppose clean energy. Our poll shows that when it comes to clean and renewable sources, Indiana conservatives are already there. ICAE now seeks to facilitate a dialogue about the policy solutions that can move us further in the direction of a next level clean energy economy.”

The ICAE Advisory Council currently includes:

  • Melissa Thompson, Marion County Republican Party Vice Chairman
  • Eric Moller, Fishers Town Councilman
  • Callie Jahn, Jeffersonville City Councilwoman
  • Chris Jenson, President, Noblesville City Council
  • Reagan Kurk, Chairwoman, Indiana University College Republicans
  • Roger Howard, President, Indiana Federation of College Republicans
  • Ryan Goodwin, Morgan County Commissioner

For more information, follow updates on Twitter at @ICAEnergy and visit the ICAE Facebook page at


About ICAE: The Indiana Conservative Alliance for Energy is a broad coalition of Indiana conservatives committed to helping Indiana become a leader in clean energy by supporting an “all of the above” strategy that includes an emphasis on clean energy technologies like efficiency and renewables such as wind and solar. Learn more by visiting

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