NIPSCO Net Metering Capacity as of 02-29-2020

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NIPSCO net metering capacity as of 02-29-2020

* Although NIPSCO currently has received applications in excess of the available non-reserved (i.e. commercial) capacity statutorily required for its Net Metering program, the Company continues to accept those applications until the total statutory threshold has been reached. The statutory threshold is the “Net Metering Total Capacity (Based off 2019 Summer Peak)” on the above table. Should NIPSCO reach the statutory threshold, but not the capacity threshold reserved for residential and/or biomass capacity, the Company will continue to accept applications and connect installations for those projects until the capacity threshold reserved for that category has been reached or July 1, 2022, whichever comes first. “Capacity Remaining beyond the Queue” is the total amount available for all project types at this time, including Net Metering Queue Participants – Residential, not illustrated in the table above. NIPSCO’s Net Metering program is governed by Ind. Code Ch. 8-1-40 and the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission’s Rules and General Administrative Orders.

View the status of applications for net metering projects submitted by non-residential customers.

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