NY increases net metering cap from 1% to 3%; Should Indiana increase its cap?

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Two years ago the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) approved the cap on Indiana's net metering from 0.1% to 1%. The revised net metering rule made vast improvements but is it time to consider another round of improvements to the Indiana net metering rule. Many of us think another round of changes are needed to add:

  • third party net metering (via leasing and/or LLC's);
  • aggregate net metering;
  • community or group net metering; and
  • virtual net metering.

IndianaDG has reported on these net metering concepts previously.

Let me know if you are interested and willing to participate in creating a net metering 2.0 proposal for Indiana.

Laura Ann Arnold



Public Service Commission

               Garry A. Brown, Chairman

Three Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12223
Further Details: James Denn
James.denn@dps.ny.gov 518.474.7080

                                                                    13035; 03-E-0188; 12-E-0485; 12-E-0486;                                                              12-E-0487; 12-E-0488; 12-E-0489; 12-E-0490

June 13, 2013


Changes to Renewable Energy Initiative Keeps Pace With NY Sun Requirements

In support of efforts to meet the goals set forth by Governor Cuomo in the NY-Sun initiative and other renewable energy programs, the Public Service Commission (Commission) today approved reallocating $32 million in funds from the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) along with increasing net metering limits to accommodate the anticipated increase in demand as more solar projects are installed.   Under the NY-Sun initiative, launched by Governor Cuomo last year, the state adopted the goal of quadrupling in 2013, the amount of photovoltaic capacity installed during 2011. To advance this goal, Governor Cuomo proposed expanding the NY-Sun initiative to provide long-term funding of $150 million annually over the next 10 years ensuring the growth of the solar industry across the state.   “The State has seen an unprecedented amount of solar power that is being installed both by homeowners and businesses under Governor Cuomo’s critically important NY-Sun initiative,” said Commission Chairman Garry Brown. “The changes we approved today will help ensure that the phenomenal growth continues unabated.”   On April 5, 2013, NYSERDA filed a petition to shift $32 million in funds in the RPS competitive photovoltaic program under the NY-Sun initiative between certain regions to meet current market demand.   In another decision today, the Commission decided to increase each utility’s system-wide net metering limitations for photovoltaic projects, as well as farm anaerobic digestion, small hydro, micro combined heat and power, and fuel cells to three percent of the system peak load from the current one percent. The increase will make available sufficient net metering to accommodate the statewide solar photovoltaic installation goals of the NY-Sun initiative and the anticipated demand for net metering related to the other eligible technologies.   The change would apply to net metered projects in service territories of Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc., New York State Electric and Gas Corporation, Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation, Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc., and Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation. Central Hudson’s limit was increased to three percent in October of last year.   Since the Governor launched NY Sun in 2012, a total of 242 MW of solar photovoltaics have been installed or is under development, more than was installed in the entire prior decade.   Net metering is used by the electric utilities to measure and charge for the net electricity supplied by the utility and provided to it by a customer-generator, according to statutory requirements.  Under net metering, the owner of an eligible renewable energy facility receives retail credit for at least a portion of the electricity they generate.   The Commission’s decision today, when issued, may be obtained by going to the Commission Documents section of the Commission’s Web site at www.dps.ny.gov and entering Case Numbers 03-E-0188, 12-E-0485, 12-E-0486, 12-E-0487, 12-E-0488, 12-E-0489 and 12-E-0490 in the input box labeled "Search for Case/Matter Number." Many libraries offer free Internet access. Commission orders may also be obtained from the Commission’s Files Office, 14th floor, Three Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12223 (518-474-2500).  If you have difficulty with understanding English, please call us at 1-800-342-3377 for free language assistance services regarding this press release.

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