Richmond Power and Light Net Metering

Please find below documents to shed some light on the current net metering and interconnection issue for Richmond Power and Light (RP&L) a municipal electric utility which is a member of the Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA).

The Richmond City Council has posted an agenda for their upcoming meeting on Monday, May 7, 2018.

05-07-2018 Richmond Council Agenda

Richmond Council Agenda 5-7-18

Here are copies of the two proposed Ordinances on First Reading:

026-2018 - RP_L Interconnection

027-2018 - repealing the net metering and code generation (Ord. 54-2010)

Please note that no action was taken by the Richmond City Council on May 7, 2018, on Ordinance #026-2018 and #027-2018. Instead a new Ordinance #032-2018 has been filed and is expected to be posted for First Reading on the Richmond City Council Agenda for its next meeting on Monday, May 21, 2018. It is anticipated that #032-2018 would serve as a substitute for #026-2018 and #027-2018.

Download a copy of Richmond City Council Agenda for May 21, 2018 HERE:

05-21-2018 Richmond Council Agenda

Here is a copy of the revised proposed Ordinance #032-2018:

032-2018 - Grandfathers Net Metering Establishing New QF Interconnection Tariff and Discontinuing Rates

In one of the WHEREAS clauses of proposed Ordinance #032-2018, it references presumed authority granted by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) in Cause No. 44898 dated June 28, 2018. Please find a copy of this order:

44898 Order 6-28-17_201706281400

Here is a copy of the original net metering ordinance approved by the Council in 2010:

054-2010 - Net Metering _RPL_

Since Richmond Power and Light (RP&L) has not opted out of the jurisdiction of the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC), the net metering tariff approved as #054-2010 was also submitted for approval via the 30-day filing process. Here is that approved IURC filing from 2011:

2812_022111_IURC 30 day filing approval of RP&L net metering tariff

Despite the existence of the RP&L net metering tariff for seven (7) years it cannot be found on the RP&L website. I have looked and cannot find it.

There may be a slight change of heart by RP&L concerning allowing customers: 1) to enter into an Interconnection Agreement and 2) execute a net metering contract. Please find copies below:

Net Metering Application


It has been suggested that the matter of the net metering tariff might be referred to Environmental Sustainability Commission. Watch for more details.

Information is developing quickly concerning this issue. Additional IMPA members may be considering similar actions including:

  • Anderson,
  • Crawfordsville,
  • Frankfort,
  • Lebanon, and
  • Tipton.

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