Barry Goldwater, Jr. at Indiana State House with Rep. Mike Speedy; Ryan Zaricki with Whole Sun Designs; Rep. Jerry Torr

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Barry Goldwater Jr and Rep. Mike Speedy

Left to right: Barry Goldwater, Jr. and Indiana State Rep. Mike Speedy (R-Indianapolis)



Barry Goldwater Jr and Ryan Zaricki

Left to right: Barry Goldwater, Jr. and IndianaDG member N. Ryan Zaricki with Whole Sun Designs.

Rep Jerry Torr and Barry Goldwater Jr.

Left to right: Rep. Jerry Torr (R-Carmel) and Barry Goldwater. Jr.

If you don't know about Barry Goldwater, Jr.'s work supporting solar, please see a few of these past posts:


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To see more articles about Barry Goldwater, Jr. and his work as the Chairman of Tell Utilities Won't Be Killed (TUSK), just type "Goldwater" into the Search Box. There is more!

Help us stand up to utility monopolies to ensure solar energy remains strong in America.

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