I&M University of Notre Dame Solar Project (45245)

I&M Announces Solar Facility Partnership with the University of Notre Dame

June 12, 2019

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Indiana Michigan Power (I&M), an operating company of American Electric Power (NYSE: AEP), plans to build and operate its largest solar generation facility. The proposed project would be located in St. Joseph County and have a capacity of 20 megawatts, which is enough energy to power 2,700 homes annually.
“This large-scale solar project aligns with I&M’s push to diversify our generation fleet and to ensure a bright future for our customers and the communities we serve,” said Toby Thomas, I&M President and Chief Operating Officer. “The South Bend Solar Project would help local economic development and would give our customers an opportunity to take advantage of locally provided renewable resources.”
I&M is also proposing to partner on the solar facility with the University of Notre Dame as both organizations commit to a sustainable future. The University of Notre Dame and I&M will work together to ensure educational opportunities and research benefits of the project are realized. Notre Dame will further its sustainability goals by supporting renewable energy based on 40 percent of the output of the solar facility.
"Notre Dame is pleased to be partnering with our local energy partner Indiana Michigan Power on this significant solar energy project,” said Paul Kempf, Senior Director of Utilities and Maintenance for Notre Dame. “The University looks forward to expanding its portfolio of renewable and recoverable energy sources and achieving the positive environmental benefits this project would provide. It is important to us to work within our own community to create such projects that have a local impact on our environment and economy."
The South Bend Solar Project would be located near the Indiana Toll Road and about 10 miles northeast of the University of Notre Dame. It is subject to the approval of the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission and is expected to be in operation by late 2020. More efficient renewable energy resources in the community along with the support of Notre Dame are important to I&M customers and beneficial in attracting businesses.

Here are the  documents filed by Indiana & Michigan (I&M) yesterday (6/12/19) with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) in Cause No. 45245:

IndMich_Verified Application Solar_061219

IndMich_Testimony Direct Auer_061219

IndMich_Testimony Direct DeRuntz_061219

IndMich_Testimony Direct Thomas_061219

IndMich_Submission of Workpapers_061219

IndMich_WP BEA-1_061219

The IURC Issued a docket entry requesting information from I&M.

20190703110718343 45245 DOCKET ENTRY (2)


I&M's responses to the IURC docket entry are as follows:

45245 IndMichPowerCo Response Docket Entry and OUCC Motion Dismiss 071219

45245 IndMichPower Response IURC DR 1_1 Attachment 1 071219

45245 IndMichPower Response IURC DR 1_2 Attachment 1 071219

On 8/12/2019, the Office of the Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC) filed the following testimony:

45245 OUCC Testimony of Lauren M Aguilar_08122019

45245 OUCC Testimony of Wes R Blakley_08122019

45245 OUCC Testimony of John E Haselden Redacted

45245 OUCC Consumer Comments

On 8/26/19, I&M filed its rebuttal testimony to the OUCC's prefiled testimony as follows:

45245 IndMich Thomas Rebuttal Testimony 08 26 2019 18 pages

45245 IndMich Auer Public Rebuttal Testimony 08 26 2019 24 pages

45245 IndMich Torpey Rebuttal Testimony 08 26 2019 13 pages

45245 IndMich DeRuntz Rebuttal Testimony 08 26 2019 27 pages

45245 IndMich Lucas Rebuttal Testimony 08 26 2019 634 pages

The testimony of David Lucas includes:

  • Attachment DAL-1R: executed copy of the 1 Alliance Agreement with Notre Dame, including the executed SREC Agreement.
  • Attachment DAL-2R and 2C, which are public and confidential copies of the executed EPC contract for the SBSP.
  • A myriad of the company responses to various OUCC Data Requests

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