IndianaDG and Solarize Indiana File Objections to IURC on PURPA 30-day Filings

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Indiana Distributed Energy Alliance (IndianaDG) and Solarize Indiana (SI) filed objections with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) on Friday, April 24, 2020, concerning the thirty day (30-day) filings of Vectren for their annual  Cogeneration and Alternate Power or PURPA rates plus Vectren's standard contract for those PURPA rates.  Although the letters both groups filed electronically on late Friday afternoon are similar, they are not identical. Both identify objections to thirty-day (30-day) filings made by Vectren in Nos. 50331 and 50332.

50331 Initial Filing_SIGECO

50332 Initial Filing_SIGECO

Earlier this month, the Office of Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC) submitted objections to four (4) 30-day filings, Nos. 50325 (NIPSCO), 50329 (IPL),  50330 (I&M) and 50331 (SIGECO).

IndianaDG is joining the OUCC in filing objections to the same 4 30-day filings as the OUCC.

There have been additional filings at the IURC with the utilities filing responses to the OUCC's objections. The OUCC also filed  information to support their objections. See spreadsheet below.

Copy of Condensed Avoided Cost Comparison

solar-eclipse_2 (2) with text

April 24_IndianaDG Objections 50325, 50329, 50330, 50331 & 50332




20200424_SI Objections & Comments_Vectren 30-Day Filings Nos. 50331 & 50332_Final

COGEN 2020 rates_1

COGEN 2020 rates_2


The four electric investor owned utilities (IOUs) have responded to the Objections filed by IndianaDG and Solarize Indiana as follows:

50325_NIPSCO_Response to IndianaDG Objection_04302020 (3)

50329 - IPL Response to IndianaDG Objection

50330_IM_Cogen Response_05042020 (1)

50331 - Objection response from SIGECO/Vectren

50331 Solarize Indiana Response

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