Iowa Supreme Court and 3rd Party PPAs

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For those wishing more information on the documents filed in the Eagle Point Solar case in Iowa, the following documents have been provided for your review.

Documents in the Eagle Point Solar case in Iowa concerning 3rd party PPAs

Iowa Supreme Court Decision on Eagle Point Solar_53bfe9937f32f

EPS Initial Brief (9-21-12) (00397545x9F897)

Eagle Point Solar's Reply Brief - Final (00568882x9F897)

Final Brief of Eagle Point Solar 9-26-13 (00618194x9F897)

IPL-MEC's Reply Brief (9-23-13) (00566901)

IUB's Final Reply Brief (9-26-13) (00572205)

Solar Coalition Intervenor Brief- 8-19-13

43- Ruling on Petition for Judicial Review

District Court Decision:

iowa-solar-ruling_Eagle Point Solar

Filings by Eagle Point Solar (EPS):

EPS Initial Brief (9-21-12) (00397545x9F897)

Additional articles on third party solar PPA's


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